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Bottle Labelers, Inline, Wrap Around Labelers, S1550, Wipe On Label System

Automatic Bottle Labeler
The Series 1550 - Wrap Around Or Wipe On Synchronized Label Machine

Tronics S1500 Series Automatic Bottle Labeler - Wrap Around or Wipe On

S1550 – Series 1550 Single Label Head Labeler. The Tronics S1550 wipe on bottle labeler is equipped with high speed wipe on pressure sensitive technology and is built for high reliability in every day use. It features:

Innovative Design

The Series S1550 bottle labeling system gives you the benefit of a full specification Tronics labeling system with a limited budget. Designed for those companies that do not need more than 1 label head integrated into their labeler for wiping on a flat-sided panel label or wrapping a single label around a round product, it is the perfect compact and robust workhorse.

Incorporating the Tronics stepper motor label head with it’s proven track record, the S1550 is completely synchronized – meaning the label head, conveyor and wrap move as one.

In addition to Tronics off-the-shelf module system, Tronics offers engineered solutions to suit your unique needs and your unique
operating environment.

Maximum Portability

The S1550 is fully contained and complete with heavy duty casters, to make moving it around your manufacturing facility a breeze.

The portability makes the S1550 the ideal choice for promotional or seasonal work.

Bottle Labelers Built to Last

Robust construction, fabricated from the same steel structure as the S3.

Easy to Use

Touch screen control panel, with memory for easy set-up of job parameters. The inclusion of job set-up specifics for mechanical movement is unique in the labeling industry.

The touch screen allows for adjustments on-the-fly, putting full labeling functionality at your fingertips.

Tronics S1500 Series Automatic Bottle Labelers - Wrap Around or Wipe On
Control Panel - Tronics S1500 Series Labeler

The Tronics Series S1550 Inline Bottle Labeler
Fully Synchronized & Electrical Labeling Machine with Proven Technology
S1550 – Specifications


  • 110 or 220 50 / 60 Hz, 1 Phase

Dispensing Speed

  • Maximum: 98 feet / 5.10 inches(30m / min)
  • Minimum: 16 feet / 4.8504 inches(5m / min)

Label Specifications

  • Label Reel Core Size: 3 inches (76mm) inside diameter
  • Label Reel Outside Diameter: 13.189 inches (335mm) max
  • Label Size Vertical: 0.59 inches (15mm) – 8.46 inches (215mm)
  • Label Size Horizontal: 0.78 inches (20mm) – 39.33 inches (999mm)
  • Label Gap Size: 0.098 inches (2.5mm) minimum
  • Label Stop Accuracy: +/- 1/32 inches(0.5mm) (on dispensing edge)
  • Right or Left Labeling Heads

Mechanical Adjustments

  • Vertical Adjustment: 0 inches – 10.23 inches (0mm – 260mm)
  • Horizontal Adjustment: 0 inches – 5.90 inches (0mm – 150mm)
  • Tilt Adjustment: +/- 8 degrees
Tronics S1500 Series Inline Automatic Bottle Labelers

Conveyor Module

  • Conveyor Speed Range: 19 feet/8.22 inches – 82 feet /0.25 inches (6 – 25m / min)
  • Conveyor Width: 6 inches(114mm)
  • Conveyor Height: 34.64 inches- 40.55 inches (880 – 1030mm)
  • Conveyor Length: 78.74 inches (2000mm)
  • Guide Rail Width Adjustment Range: 0 – 4.52 inches(0 – 115mm)

Spacer Module

  • Spacer Speed: 19 feet/8.22 inches – 98 feet /2.10 inches (6 – 30m / min)
  • In / Out Adjustment: 1.18 inches(30mm) (in from edge of conveyor)
  • Up / Down Adjustment: 0 – 0.98 inches(0 – 25mm) (from conveyor top)

Wrap Module

  • Up / Down Adjustment: 0 – 1.96 inches(0 – 50mm) (from conveyor top)
  • Wrap Speed Range:19 feet/8.22 inches – 98 feet /2.10 inches (6 – 30m / min)
  • Belt Width: 5.51 inches(140mm)

Options & Accessories

  • Low Label Reel Detection Sensor
  • Configurable Signal Pulse to Activate a Hotfoil Coder, Thermal Print Head or Inkjet Printer
  • Warning Beacon
Tronics S1500 Series Inline Bottle Labelers