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Automatic Label Application Machines, Front/Back, Wrap Around, Stainless Steel, Product Labelers

Automatic Label Application Machines
The S3S - Front and Back, Wrap Around, Premier, Stainless Steel

The S3S – Series 3 Premier labeler is Tronics’ flagship automated labeling system. Having evolved over three decades, it is by far the best value on the market today when it comes to an in-line, automatic pressure sensitive labeling machine.

S3S Premier labelers come in standard, medium, and high speed configurations. They can apply automatically front and back and wrap around labels, top and bottom labels, orientate and label products, can apply crescent shaped labels to tapered round products and are offered in Zero Down Time ZDT redundant label heads that switch back and forth as label rolls run out of labels and they have a proven track across all of the major packaging industries.

S3S Premier Automatic Label Application Machines, Front and Back, Wrap Around Labelers
Tronics S3S Front & Back Premier Labeling System with Wraparound Configuration
Tronics S3S Front & Back Premier Labeling System
  • Simple, Fast, Accurate, and Repeatable Changeovers
  • Product Range Flexibility
  • Field Upgrade Ready
  • Service Second to None
  • Customers, Markets, and Labeling Machine Specifications
  • Scaled Footprint

Simple, Fast, Accurate, and Repeatable Changeovers

Tool–Less Setup

The Tronics S3S automatic label applicator is crafted with laser machined precision. Large stainless steel shafts and pressed bushings allow fingertip control over a comprehensive range of 4-axis pitch-n-roll label head setup adjustments. Further, gradient ruled reference marks on adjustment shafts permit repeat jobs to be quickly and easily reproduced in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Label Head with 4-Axis Pitch-N-Roll Adjustment
(Label Head with 4-Axis Pitch-N-Roll Adjustment)

Label Head Height Adjustment, One of Many Tool–Less Adjustments
( Label Head Height Adjustment, one of many tool – less adjustments)

Touch Panel with 100 Job Memory

Forget about having to navigate through annoying and confusing menu screens. With Tronics labelers, all control panel adjustments are truly one touch away, so making on-the-fly adjustments during production are simple and instantaneous. And, because the touch panel swivels, adjustments can easily be made from either side of the machine. The S3S touch panel stores up to 100 jobs and makes recalling previous labeling jobs for a specific product a snap.

Touch Panel with 100 Job Memory
(Touch Panel with 100 Job memory)

Synchronized Stepper Motor System

All Tronics S3S label application modules contain individual stepper motors that are fully synchronized with the product conveyors heavy duty servo motor and right angle gearbox (there are not any chains or sprockets on the conveyor drive to stretch or wear out). This ensures consistently accurate label placement regardless of changing production speeds. This also proves valuable in machine setup as the operator can setup a new product at crawl speeds knowing the label position will remain constant upon increasing the machine speed to production rates after setup.

Label Head with Synchronized Stepper Motor for the S3S Front/Back Label Machine
(Label Head with Synchronized Stepper Motor)

Product Range Flexibility of Our Labeling Machines

Shapes, Sizes, Wraparound, Front and Back, Sides, Label Media, Placement, Applications

Shape & Material

The S3S labeling machine can label round, oval, flat sided, and oddly shaped products made from plastic, glass, metal, corrugated, and other materials. Customers turn to Tronics for clear, foil, print & apply, RFID, crescent shaped label applications as well as custom labeling applications. Labels can be accurately applied to fronts, backs, tops, bottoms, inside recessed surfaces, and wrapped around right angles on 2, 3, and 4 sides of the product.

A Few Examples of Bottle and Label Types Run on the S3S Premier Labeler.
(A few examples of bottle and label types run on the
S3S Premier Labeler.)

Large Sizes

The S3S comes standard with a 4.5″ wide and 7.5″W
conveyor and the ability to run up to a 8.75″ high label
web. This allows the S3S to not only run many
shapes and materials, but containers as large as a 10
gallon container. We also offer the optional upgrade
for your Tronics automatic label applicator machine to come equipped with a 10″ wide
conveyor and the ability to run a 10″ high label.

Large Bottle, Container, Pail Sizes S3S Labeler
(10 gallon pails, 5 gallon water bottles, 2.5 gallon F Styles, 10″ high labels, 29″ long labels, not a problem.)

Small Sizes

The same S3S labeler can easily run products as small as a 5ml medical vial with labels as small as ½” x ½”.

Small Container, Bottle, Vial Sizes S3S Labeler
(The S3S can run a 10 gallon container or a 5ml vial.)

Field Upgrade Ready

Male/Female Quick-Connect Military Connectors
(male/female quick-connect military connectors)

The S3S Series 3 Labeler… Tronics’s Top of the Line Automatic Label Application Machine … Flexible enough to grow with your changing needs…

The S3S comes pre-wired with male/female quick-connect military connectors making field upgrade and their electrical connections a snap. Further, your machine comes pre-drilled and pre-tapped, ready to mount future standard modules.  And, we’ve pre-loaded all the software you’ll need to add standard modules to your S3S in the field yourself or via one of our excellent service technicians.

…Right now. In the field. Order an upgrade today and run product TOMORROW!

Need to run a wrap, but don’t have a wraparound module? With Tronics, upgrades are fast and easy. If needed, we’ll ship a wrap module to you via next day air and you can be running round bottles the very next day. That’s because most field upgrades can be installed by you, with a minimum of downtime or cost. This advantage eliminates costly downtime incurred when sending a machine back to the OEM for upgrades, or the expense of having an OEM labeler technician flown in to perform the work. Competing equipment often cannot even be upgraded or it is too cost prohibitive to do so resulting in having to buy yet another entire labeler which is why Contract Packagers love the Series 3 labeler and the fact it is scalable.

Tronics S3S Wrap Around Module
(Tronics S3S Wrap Around Module)
S3S Automatic Label Application Machine After Adding Wraparound Module
(S3S after adding Wraparound module)

S3S Upgradeability … We’re ready when you are.

We know how important it is to keep your product labeling system up and running or in getting it ready to run when business needs change. That’s why we’ve developed the S3S field upgrade features with YOU in mind. With Tronics, you get an adaptable machine that expands with your changing needs, in the field, without costing you a fortune in lost production time or lost opportunities.

Well Designed with Easy Access & Standardized Components

The secret to the S3S having such a great service reputation is inherent in the design itself.
Simplicity and standardization make the S3S easy to service. One such example is how the electronics slide out towards the technician for easy access due to being mounted on electrical drawers.

Easy Access Electronics Via Slide Out Drawer
(Easy access electronics via slide out drawer)
CAD Drawing and Parts List of Wrap Belt Module
(CAD drawing and parts list of Wrap Belt module.)

Well Documented…

Your S3S label applicator comes with a hard copy and electronic version of a comprehensive owner’s manual. The manual includes exploded CAD drawings and wire schematics. Each drawing includes a corresponding parts list / parts number shown directly on the drawing itself. The owner’s manual also includes an easy to understand operating manual / troubleshooting guide section complete with illustrations and color photographs.

…Well Stocked

99% of all service calls are as simple as ordering a part or getting setup help from one of our factory trained technicians right over the telephone. Tronics not only keeps parts and modules on hand for your front and back labeler, but typically has about 10 labelers on the floor available for sale at all times. Of course, a Tronics Professional Technician is available on a moments notice, if need be.

Automated Wrap Around Label Application Machines In-Stock for Sale
(Machines in stock for sale)

Markets Served• Pharmaceutical • Personal Care • Eye Care • Automotive • Plastics • CBD Oils  • Craft Breweries • Food & Beverage • Petroleum • Chemical • OEM • Contract Packagers •Nutraceuticals

S3S Automatic Label Application Equipment Specifications

  • Speed – 1,200 inches of label per minute; 1,600” and 2,400” per minute label head upgrades available
    as well.
  • Accuracy – Up to + or – 1/32nd of label placement accuracy.
    (This is exclusive of variations of the product and label.)
  • Weight – Approximately 1,200 pounds depending on configuration.
  • Air – None on the standard front, back, wrap around configuration.
    (Some options may require air)
  • Electrical – Standard 110v, single phase, 50-60hz, 20amps
    (220v single phase configuration available upon request at no charge.)
  • Label Size on Standard Label Head –
    • Min. 1/4″ x 1/4″
    • Max. 8.5”W label web x 39″L label.
    • (Upgrade kit to accommodate 10″W label web.)
  • S3S Labeler Dimensions:
    • Overall Length with Conveyor – 9 foot 10 inches or 3,000 millimeters
    • Maximum Depth – 5 feet 5 inches or 1,648 millimeters
    • Maximum Height – 5 feet 1 inch or 1,554 millimeters

Scaled Footprint – S3S Front and Back, Wraparound Labeling Machine

Millimeters and feet/inches
Scaled Footprint - S3S Front and Back, Wrap Around Labeling Machine